Office Coffee Services

With Complete Food Service’s coffee selections, you can be assured that everyone in your facility will have options that will ensure a most pleasant coffee-drinking experience without having to leave the building. Our convenient delivery service ensures you never run out of coffee or supplies.

Folgers, Gavina, Starbucks, & Yuban

At Complete Food Service we are proud to offer Gavina gourmet as the preferred choice, as well as many popular national brand coffees that are made to suit any coffee drinkers' taste preferences.

Our additional products, such as creamers and sweeteners, as well as a wide selection of snacks and sundry products are sure to meet the needs of even the most scrutinizing break room.

Coffee Supplies

We also offer rental of the highest quality brewing equipment (at no charge) with minimum orders.

Coffee Machines

We customize delivery schedules to accommodate any need and we provide outstanding customer service 24 hrs/365 days per year.


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Office Coffee Services